Bryan made his in-ring return at WrestleMania earlier this month after enduring a two-year retirement due to a series of serious head injuries.

Bella also pointed out that they spent a very similar night when her husband announced the end of his career in Seattle, Washington in 2016.

The ex-Divas Champion though explained that two years ago they both stayed up because they were very sad whereas earlier this month they were too excited to go to bed.

She told Sports Illustrated: “The night before WrestleMania, it was actually really cute, he couldn’t sleep because he was so excited.

“I told him: ‘Think of everything you’ve done to get here.’

“So to go from one night where we couldn’t sleep because we were both so sad to another night where we couldn’t sleep because we were so excited, that was so crazy.

“I’m so proud of him. He’s healthy, he deserves to be in that ring.

“It shows that with passion and dedication, you can truly accomplish anything.”

Bella stood by Bryan when he made his emotional retirement speech in front of a heartbroken audience.

After getting cleared to return to the ring, the four-time world champion

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